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Programme and Project Management Methodology Service


Every project is constrained by budget, quality and time therefore organizations regardless of size have ongoing need for effective project management capability to ensure projects are delivered on budget, to time and to agreed quality.  At GN Consulting Solutions, we believe that rather than project success being wholly dependent on the skills of individual Project Managers, they should be supported by the organization with a fit-for-purpose methodology based on best practice.  One of the major criteria associated with attaining higher project management maturity is the application of a consistent, fit-for-purpose project management methodology.


Many organizations look to adopt PRINCE2 and struggle, others look to define their own approach with limited best practice support and experience.  We provide expertise guidance and support to clients looking to develop, assess or improve their project management methodology.  Our guidance and advice is based on practical real world experience using tried and tested tools & techniques that we ourselves have utilised and developed over many years.

*  For organizations looking to implement a new project management methodology, our Methodology Implementation Deployment Package provide detailed set of recommendations for a fit-for-purpose, practical project management methodology, including tools, templates and governance based on best practice.  

*  For organizations looking to assess and improve current project management methodology, our Methodology Assessment and Improvement Package provide detailed assessment of current project management approach, strengths & weaknesses and recommendations for further development based on best practice.


We can provide solutions based on PRINCE2, MSP or Value Management. We cherry pick best practice methodology to suit your projects and organisation, supported by the GN Consulting Solutions Project Managers Toolkit. 

 Our Project Managers Toolkit provides a complete range of tools and templates for Project Managers, including tools such as RAID Log (Risks, Assumptions, Issues, Dependencies), Stakeholder Log, Management Information Templates, PRAM (Product Review and Approval Matrix), Product Quality Log, Business Justification Document Template (BJD), Project Initiation Document Template (PID), Change Control Log, Design Gate Criteria and Reporting Template and Project Budget Control Template.

 Your methodology should support your project and organisational structure. A suite of practical tools and templates sits at the heart of your methodology to ensure consistency of application across the whole project lifecycle.

 We provide tailored cost effective half-day seminar on Project and Risk Management for our clients and we follow up the seminar with phone coaching to ensure that your staff appropriately implements what they learnt in the seminar.  Our seminar is a cost effective way of equipping all your project staff with the skills to do their job efficiently without embarking on costly methodology training courses.   We can also provide full training courses on Project and Risk Management to meet the need of your organisation. 

 Please see our Training Services for more details.

 Please contact us to discuss your current approach to running projects and the issues you would like us to help you resolve.