Course title: Leadership Skills & Change Management


Course title: Leadership Skills & Change Management

 Duration: 3 days

 Cost: £899 plus VAT


The ability to transform teams and organizational performance is perhaps the most demanding yet rewarding of lleadership challenges. 


Effective leadership is based on trust, faith and belief.span>  It is what people experience of you that matter – a way of being, doing and thinking that has the awesome power to influence and inspire a deep level of personal commitment from those you lead.


TThis training course provides delegates with the opportunity to:

 Discuss and understand the distinctions between management and leadership, and your role in change leadership.

Identify your own leadership approach and the way it is influenced by environmental conditions

 Enhance your ability to anticipate and respond to change as it affects you and others around you

Helping others adapt to change

 Develop confidence in exercising leadership behaviours

 Discuss and identify key techniques, tools and behaviours to support and structure your leadership approach

 Develop confidence in the use of change management and strategic planning tools and techniques.

 Competencies you will develop include aligning performance for success, building trust, coaching, collaboration, communication, decision-making, delegating responsibility, developing others, gaining commitment, effective leadership, strategic planning, understanding and managing stakeholders.

 Pre course preparation for this course:

 There are 2 elements to the pre course preparation for this course 

Identify what you want to achieve

 You should identify a set of objectives prior to attending the event.  This is so you can identify any learning needs and assist you in determining the specific challenges you are facing.

 Identify 2 or 3 current challenges

 To help make the training programme useful to you and what you are dealing with back in your business, you need to try and think of 2 or 3 specific challenges you are currently facing.  These can relate to any changes you are working through or towards and should relate specifically to your own personal development and might include areas such as your management approach, leadership approach and your response to change.  These will be shared with other delegates early on in the programme.  The intention being that ways forward can be found through a combination of support and ideas from both the other delegates and the trainer. 

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