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Welcome to GN Consulting Solutions

We are a Business Consulting and Management Development Training company.  Our Consultancy Service provides expertise guidance and support to clients looking to develop, assess or improve their Project Management Methodology and Project Control Service (PMO or PSO).   We also guide and support our clients in Change Management, Improving Business Performance and Foreign Direct Investment (FDI).  

About Us

We are a team of experienced and qualified management and training consultants.  Our consultants are result-focused professionals



We believe that Leadership and management expertise are amongst the most important attributes of a successful company.


We provide guidance and support to corporations and individuals in purchasing a wide range of goods and services, from Medical, Pharmaceutical, IT, Consumables and general merchandise at best possible cost. The Procurement Services Unit also offers consultancy and project/programme procurement services to clients in the United Kingdom and overseas.




Learning and development is an investment, which is critical to the future success of organizations.  Our training courses are designed to help you gain practical skills that can be applied at work.  Our practical real world based approach to training ensures that you gain the greatest benefit from your training investment.


How We Work

We work both on-site and off-site depending on the type of project and the client’s preference.  We treat our first visit to prospective clients as an initial briefing meeting to explore issues and understand the underlying causes.  The initial meeting with prospective clients is without charge or obligation