Foreign Direct Investment Support Service

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Foreign Direct Investment Support Service

 In the past decade, Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) has played a mayor role in the internationalisation of business.  FDI can provide an organization with access to new markets and marketing channel, cheaper production facilities, products, skills and so on.  Depending on the type of industry sector and type of business, a foreign direct investment may be an attractive and viable option.

 For small and medium sized companies, FDI represent an opportunity to become more actively involved in international business activities.  FDI can take the form of fixtures, machinery, equipment and buildings.  Any decision on investing is thus a combination of a number of key factors including:


  •  Assessment of internal resources

  • Competitiveness

  •  Market analysis

  •  Market expectations


A major reason cited by SME directors for abandoning foreign direct investment lead is lack of knowledge of the foreign market.  Our FDI Support Service will resolve this problem for you by conducting extensive market research involving the industry, product and local regulations governing investment which will set the broad market parameters for your investment decisions.

From an internal resources standpoint, small and medium size companies often abandon the idea of foreign direct investment due to lack of internal management and systems capabilities to support the set up time as well as ongoing management of a foreign subsidiary.  Our FDI Support Service will act as your resource to manage the set up and running of your business venture in a foreign country. 


We specialise in supporting organisations that want to penetrate the West African market using Nigeria as a manufacturing and distribution hub.  At GN consulting Solutions, our work does not end with just delivery a research report to our clients – we partner with our clients to provide guidance and support during the set up time.


We also work with Nigerian businesses with significant potential for growth that are looking for strategic alliance or foreign direct investor, by identifying companies of interest and facilitating business relations. 


Please contact us if your organisation is concerned with setting up manufacturing capacity in Nigeria and selling their products in West African markets.