Course title: Effective Communications

Duration: 1 day

 Cost: £195 plus VAT



 Communication is a two-way process between speaker and listener or writer and reader, and requires active participation from both parties.  Good communication is clear, concise and promotes understanding.

 Our Effective Communication skills course is designed to raise self-awareness and improve communication skills.  It gives clear guidelines for improving working relationships by developing various methods and styles of communication


The delegates will gain:

 The ability to understand others and build highly effective working relationships

Practice being focused aware at times when it is most difficult to do so by listen with the full attention to the sounds, and all other relevant emotional and behavioural signals.

Be able to present information in an understandable and interesting way

Enhancement of listening skills

Ability to give and receive feedback positively


This training course covers elements of:


What communication is and why it is important

Written, verbal and non-verbal communication

Promoting effective communication

Listening skills

Barriers to effective communication and how to overcome them

Building productive working relationships – assertive communication and achieving a win-win outcome

Effectively giving and receiving feedback

Questioning techniques


There is no pre-course preparation and no prerequisite for this course.

 If you would like to attend this course, please check the course available dates and complete our course enrolment form. 

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